Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: May 17, 2013

For dinner tonight Nick and I decided to do Chinese takeout.  We were planning on going to a friend of Christopher's house to celebrate his 21st birthday at midnight.  Most of the time on Friday's I don't cook anyway and today wasn't any different.  We definitely enjoy having a Chinese place in walking distance.  We walked Emmy down the street to pick up our food and comforted ourselves that at least we were burning some calories.

 photo 74C09D9E-58E4-47A5-A035-71C34C792007-16918-00000F7B6C19FE15_zpsdcc49cd2.jpg
Salt and Pepper Pork

 photo 1E23BE62-722B-4C61-939A-5DEA34E8D433-16918-00000F7B68EC55BA_zps39eefa87.jpg
Shrimp Chow Mein

 photo 6DA42DB1-1C6E-4772-A15B-EAEAB9914134-16918-00000F7B64EF2858_zpsfbb60b15.jpg
Combination Hong Kong Style noodles

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