Friday, May 03, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: April 27, 2013

After going to a short ballroom dancing class with both of our parents, Nick and I met up with his family for his birthday dinner.  Since we had been in the City that morning, we wanted to keep it pretty local.  One of our choice restaurants is Yankee Pier in Lafayette.  We've been here a few times, but this was my first time having a fish taco.  Now that I've had theirs, I've been on a fish taco kick.  Yup, it's just that good.  I didn't feel heavy and overly full after eating them. I think that the pictures will speak for themselves, but I highly recommend the fish taco since it's one of the few things on the menu that is not fried.  It was just too hot this evening to eat fried food.

 photo 11093CEF-852C-4C6E-B58E-5C37AFF3E993-7872-000007A533E429C7_zps5820b0c0.jpg
Nick's Russian Mule

 photo 9A7AF72D-EF63-4277-ABC0-1812C8E9E489-7872-000007A53206D695_zpsfcac0ea3.jpg
Of course, we had to get oysters.

 photo AB655493-D1FC-4051-89F7-F5FE9015EA31-7872-000007A53036373D_zps7f10cd06.jpg
Blackened fish taco.  So good!
 photo 4B3FF6C8-04CD-412A-81D5-5C02491CE002-7872-000007A52E616251_zpsd88380ce.jpg
Nick got a crab roll.  Their chips are also house made and super tasty. 

 photo 51578A04-BF1E-4F6A-8D1F-A161CB1160A8-7872-000007A52CA3337D_zps9d56f0b2.jpg
Butterscotch pudding

 photo 112B4D5D-D76F-4767-8D26-F1A5A6345092-7872-000007A52ACC41AC_zps35e9033c.jpg
Chocolate mousse cake

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