Monday, May 27, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: May 14, 2013

Game of Trones night!  We had a couple of my coworkers over for dinner and to watch Game of Thrones.  I'm not that into the show, but I enjoy having their company and talking with their significant others.  We always try to make it somewhat GOT themed, so we made a couple of roasted chickens.  I wanted to grill giant turkey legs, but Sprouts didn't have six in stock.  Roasted chicken it was.  It was quite delicious, but because they were quite large, we had to sear off the dark meat to fully cook it. It was a weeknight after all, so we couldn't push back dinner until 10pm. Yikes!  We started it early too!

 photo 67C492AC-8317-4BAD-B126-A7017389B5A3-16918-00000F7B91F6C42A_zpse2daa48f.jpg

 photo E89090C1-7C3B-4F7D-BD35-02D5F5EEC4BB-16918-00000F7B8EFA0CEA_zps5d77d460.jpg
Sauteed spinach

 photo 6F41CB00-ECF8-4AFB-B6C1-56AF3ED3CCA7-16918-00000F7B8C1C02F3_zpsb2acd978.jpg

 photo 5E536F89-53F7-4811-9D66-96ABC9F12504-16918-00000F7B88BB4F0A_zps414b61fd.jpg

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