Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: Mother's Day

Since we knew that we were having a large lunch we didn't think that we would be very hungry for dinner.  Christopher and I wanted to take my Mom out anyway.  We also did some last minute shopping and got her a new gardening hat and walking shoes for their up coming National Parks tour.

My Mom has always enjoyed Fenton's Creamery.  We decided to try a similar ice cream shop, The San Francisco Creamery.  It was really good!  Plus, there was parking.  That's pretty much what sold my Mom.  Once she heard that there was parking next door, she was fine with try out the SF Creamery.

 photo 0352769D-3802-4BBD-B4D7-2C25232D0BBE-1737-000001D04EA1632A_zpsd70ebaf5.jpg

 photo B3FBE301-83B1-4214-8B02-F26A2A0C3C3E-1737-000001D05153DAA4_zps81f80630.jpg

 photo 643054AC-3C0C-4330-A4A4-5B3D107E1F55-1737-000001D055E7196B_zps0e938347.jpg

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