Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Jojoba Oil

As many of you know, and are probably utterly disgusted, I get awful flaky scalp during allergy season.   My lips also suffer in that they peel, itch, and crack.  This is why we are getting married in October and not having many flowers at the ceremony.  Less chance of getting the sneezies, itchies, or hacking coughs.  I'll have enough to worry about.  Allergies shouldn't be one of them.  Hey, I think I just came up with a new storyboard for Claratin.  I want proceeds!  Taking Claratin actually does help the scalp and lip itch.

Anyway, since chemical shampoos, all natural shampoos, expensive scalp dandruff treatments, and conditioners haven't helped me, I decided to try the oil route.  One of the makeup gals that I watch is very into using oils for her skin and hair.  I've somewhat subscribed to this way of thinking.  I've been using raw coconut oil on my face at night.  It seems to absorb into my skin much better than normal night creams.  Though it doesn't seem to have any wrinkle reducing properties, my skin has been feeling really good.

So I've been trying hot oil treatments on my hair with coconut oil.  My hair has been super healthy and growing much, much faster than in the past.  I actually think that the growth is from all of the green juice I've been drinking, but the oil does keep it hydrated.  Pink So Foxy also recommended Jojoba oil for the scalp if you have dandruff, mild psoriasis, or eczema.  I have been using the Jojoba oil on a Q-Tip after I wash my hair so it doesn't get my hair oily.  It actually works pretty well.  I way fewer flakes, but my scalp does still itch quite a bit.  One step in the right direction.  I've been doing hot oil treatments with Jojoba rubbed into my scalp and coconut on my hair.  So far it's been going fairly well. I have noticed that after a while treatments start to not work as well after my scalp gets used to it.  It is an on going battle for sure.

 photo 30F79FE0-9183-4F34-A55F-7FFC63D542D7-16918-00000F7B6F30E3C2_zps1f29bf58.jpg

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