Saturday, May 04, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: May 2, 2013

My plan tonight was to make more chicken with salad, however, Nick called me midday to tell me that one of their clients had sent them a giant salmon.  Since his boss is planning on going out of town next week, he gave the fish to Nick.  Nick thought that it was only fair for him to cook up the fish and bring it in to the office for his coworkers.  Of course, we had to taste test what we would be serving.  Since salmon is my least favorite fish, I had to disguise the flavor by making another taco.

 photo 70F3D183-62FE-4AF8-B8B5-BF4C4F908E76-13113-00000C8DB09B84B2_zps650d23e0.jpg
The back bowl is finely minced garlic, parsley and lemon
zest for the fish.  The front bowl is lemon zest and parsley
 for the mayo that we were making for the tacos. I only eat
 mayo if it has something mixed into it. 

 photo 4A7FBB68-3C12-4B73-AC69-B80DFB19BDBB-13113-00000C8DAD53831C_zpsb8443a69.jpg

 photo F83F3909-C0A8-43D6-94A7-28432BAF7E29-13113-00000C8DA9E0C2B0_zpsf6079014.jpg

 photo 648EC3E1-AB94-45F5-A6C5-C666646FA88D-13113-00000C8DA5FAFFE8_zps7c8379ad.jpg

 photo 88E70356-B804-4EA5-8CF1-CA0935A6C675-13113-00000C8DA22A9B6E_zps77a308a7.jpg

 photo A5E97A77-3E77-47BA-8DF1-0DEEE613EF5F-13113-00000C8D9F6CBF18_zps2d3c7c7e.jpg

 photo 32BF2043-7528-4B37-B3B3-C6D95C977421-13113-00000C8D9BAD4DF8_zpsb890dfce.jpg

 photo 495F0D3D-1A65-469A-86B8-9A6C12F01F5D-13113-00000C8D98A8A99C_zpsefd8fd5e.jpg

 photo EA0E0204-0ADB-4514-9873-B0BC637C31A8-13113-00000C8D9571C412_zps6937a6a6.jpg

 photo 0AFA9644-D89D-4F36-975E-12FB3578EDB5-13113-00000C8D91EEE38A_zps2ae994a2.jpg

 photo E91D17D1-BC54-445D-9180-23E46F843AC0-13113-00000C8D8F40A4ED_zps949d50fa.jpg

 photo 78D44677-1107-4668-A330-674E64F77E36-13113-00000C8D8C819637_zps8a1ff1d2.jpg

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