Sunday, June 02, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: May 18, 2013

For Christopher's 21st birthday he wanted to go to Tomi Seafood Buffet.  What's even better is that he was able to get his meal free because it was his birthday.  The last time we were at dinner, my Dad had four to five plates of food.  I was documenting our plates time time for the blog.   I did a fair job at keeping up with my Dad, but by plate three I was too full to intake even some ice cream.

 photo AAC341AD-685C-45D6-B649-9BA584563252-16918-00000F7B5188591E_zpsf978e7bf.jpg
My first plate.

 photo 549E9FF1-3400-4097-99BA-018AB25FC9BD-16918-00000F7B54963375_zpsa4553a1d.jpg
Dad's first plate.

 photo 6DBB2EF0-25E8-41B5-B25C-B1F8FAB25620-16918-00000F7B57505C84_zpse87ac540.jpg
My second plate.

 photo CAACCE10-4214-445D-8862-7B882444F2EB-16918-00000F7B4BB9A92E_zps5bfef280.jpg
Dad's second plate.

 photo 38115691-56A1-44ED-B77E-D82BE3AF2CFC-16918-00000F7B48BB91B2_zps0a61f6a2.jpg
My third plate. 

 photo 579623B2-47F6-418A-96D1-3356FC377813-16918-00000F7B4632E4CC_zps03170476.jpg
Dad's third plate.  He's starting to protest that I'm documenting
his eating habits.

 photo 00B0A2B1-FE0C-4326-AB4D-3B8E2D29E457-16918-00000F7B439BF86C_zps20dc2cd8.jpg
He's ignoring me now. 

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