Monday, June 17, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: June 12, 2013

Wow.  I don't even know why we eat out when we can eat like this at home.  The Fongs just received their new, giant, stainless steel grill and invited us over for dinner so that Nick could grill for them.  I think for this post, I'll revert back to letting the pictures speak for themselves.

 photo null_zpsb9cadb30.jpg
Giant wild salmon and rib-eyes.

 photo null_zpsc54419da.jpg

 photo null_zps10bdd837.jpg

 photo null_zpsfcf47cd8.jpg
Nick cut the fish in half to fit them on the cedar blocks that
we brought over.

 photo null_zps17d84638.jpg

 photo null_zpsb9e609b7.jpg
Rob gave all of his groomsmen brands.  Nick really wanted
to try his on one of the steaks.  It turned out better than we
thought, but I kept telling him that he should do it on a cooked
steak.  He was too impatient.

 photo null_zpsd4fbc226.jpg

 photo null_zps598e86af.jpg

 photo null_zps5d6707e0.jpg
Happy Daddy and woof.

 photo null_zps2f03c177.jpg

 photo null_zps39ff1801.jpg
I ate one of these badboys all to myself.

 photo null_zpsc5547c51.jpg

 photo null_zps7c2abbf4.jpg

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