Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Today's Lunch: May 20, 2013

I know, I know, you don't have to say it.  I'm so far behind.  I've considered starting fresh with dinners from this week, but I'm still determined to catch up.  Whether or not that happens, I'm sure you'll find out sooner than later.  If you see a big jump in dates, you'll know what happened.

This week I was particularly bad at eating out for lunch.  It started out with going to sushi with Vanessa.  Normally we do takeout, but wanted to get out of the office for once.  I was in the mood for some noodles even though it was pretty warm outside and Vanessa was on a week-long sushi kick.  I order myself a seafood udon and a California Roll.  The noodles were really good, but so hot from being a clay pot that I couldn't slurp them down and had to rush to finish them.

 photo C42D80D1-24B9-4804-8E91-BFC738D867DB-16918-00000F7B297895CB_zps73c545db.jpg
I've never had udon in a restaurant that was served like this.  It is very Korean
style, but tasted delicious and hit the spot. 

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