Thursday, June 06, 2013

I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts

Deedele di. Nick had bought a couple of coconuts when we were grocery shopping a week or so ago.  They've been sitting in out fridge so we decided that we'd bust them out to free up some fridge real estate.

 photo 963759B8-CAFA-4F9F-876D-9FE6B9E39876-3661-000004AF4D21A154_zps31a492e0.jpg
Originally, Nick was using his cleaver to chop into the
first coconut.  Those things are way harder than we
expected.  I suggested that he use his drill. which turned
out to be way easier,  He cleaned the drill bit first of course.

 photo 6857AFC4-D747-4FCB-97C1-238289D2BDC0-3661-000004AF4FD95E61_zps64158dca.jpg

 photo 76D101D1-E01F-4AD7-91A7-251F07EFCDF2-3661-000004AF5527444B_zpsfd083fd7.jpg

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