Thursday, June 06, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: June 3, 2013

As I said in my last post, we planned to have Nick's family over for dinner.  I had picked up a giant wild salmon at Costco.  Normally I go for farmed salmon, but there were piles and piles of salmon so I just picked one up without looking at the label thinking that it had to be farmed.  It wasn't until we saw how red the flesh was that we realized that it was wild salmon.  Nick is both the fish and grill master in our house so he was the mastermind behind this gorgeous salmon.  I made the kale, quinoa, and watercrest sauce.

 photo C84B6A26-49B5-4ED0-93F5-948FBB890D06-3661-000004AF57ACFC26_zpsc2941be2.jpg
Lemon, garlic, dill, salt and pepper.

 photo 700DC88A-EE09-455A-931C-AD9FA29015F2-3661-000004AF5B52E6DD_zps8fcaf8cf.jpg

 photo BCB53120-08AB-4D2D-9879-D5182C2A0D52-3661-000004AF5D9B1334_zpsc2f4c24d.jpg

 photo 646CC602-A1AD-4751-8AA5-228050C8229C-3661-000004AF6027FFE6_zpsd26d5133.jpg
Can you believe that this is an entire bag of baby kale from Costco?! It sure
did shrink down.

 photo D37C5A9A-88A3-47EB-8AC5-49824E713B9E-3661-000004AF6342D0C1_zpsedc1b86a.jpg

 photo 20F8BCB7-7927-44DC-A792-889B0E2013E1-3661-000004AF65EEDE13_zps520492aa.jpg
Watercrest dressing

 photo 286618A7-8DE2-4253-918D-342AF11A0C62-3661-000004AF6813CFF1_zpsb18b6722.jpg
Look how red the flesh is.

 photo B58EB99E-41BE-4A60-B544-58CB0837F5CB-3661-000004AF6AE56C30_zps12252ee4.jpg

 photo 6A4E19B4-88F4-4698-86BE-E6DF2D1E0BF2-3661-000004AF709AE147_zps75ce5967.jpg
Mr. Fong doesn't that weird issue where he doesn't want his food touching.
He was trying to take a picture of the color of the salmon.

 photo 68D34AC2-B037-44A4-BC56-C6C521C3C480-3661-000004AF7398FFB6_zpsbed2c29a.jpg
Back to fish tacos for me.  Nick commented that he thought
that I ate more fish than he did.

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