Monday, June 17, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: June 14, 2013

This is definitely less than healthy, but after trying to cleanse during the week, I calorie splurged and had a Fosters with popcorn.  Nick fell asleep super early so I was able to get some "me" time.  This also translates to "Allison gets to paint her nails without anyone complaining about the smell" time.  I also got to watch Pride and Prejudice and Pretty Woman without any complaints.  Unfortunately for Emmy, she can't talk.

 photo null_zps31504240.jpg

Now before you all go judging me for lack of any nutritional value of my dinner, I did have a really large lunch at Elephant Bar for our monthly Admin lunch.  

 photo null_zpsf8515003.jpg
I got a steak burrito and a side of mac and cheese.  One of the other girls didn't
like her steak sandwich so I also ate half of her meat. 

 photo null_zpsa3043323.jpg
Vanessa got the shrimp platter appetizer as a meal. That's
a lot of shrimp.

 photo null_zps120d6c68.jpg
She also got a pretty awesome looking mock-tail. 

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