Friday, June 14, 2013

Congrats Rob and Linda!

I can't express in words how happy I am for them.  I don't have that many pictures because we were running around getting stuff ready and I left my phone in the bridal suite, but I did have some pictures sent to me. The ceremony was short and sweet, which was great because it was quite hot and windy.  I spent the whole ten minutes out there pushing my bangs off my sweaty forehead.  They would then fly straight up in the air so that I would have to push them down and they would stick to my forehead again.  I missed most of the ceremony because of my stupid bangs.  Good thing there was a microphone.

 photo null_zps7e17eaa7.jpg
So pretty!

 photo null_zps7b06117e.jpg

 photo null_zps8816e133.jpg
The Maid of Honor helping Linda get her shoes on.

 photo photo3_zpsdafccc11.jpg
Mr. and Mrs. Eshia

 photo photo4_zpsc74f70b9.jpg
My prime rib was so good.  I really hope that our wedding food is just as good,
but who knows. 

 photo photo_zpscd16a701.jpg
Nick got the salmon

 photo photo2_zps3cfe4d09.jpg

 photo 20130608_210127_zps5db5014f.jpg
A few of the bridesmaids after all of the speeches and formalities were over.

 photo 20130608_210332_zps08a4e761.jpg
Nick and I were both part of the wedding party. 

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