Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Linda's wedding prep

I can't believe it's almost here already!  Four days until Linda gets married.  In preparation, I made her a card box and helped her with her center pieces.  Crafting isn't Linda's forte, but that's what she has bridesmaids for!  With a glue gun and my crafting experience, we were able to make her center pieces look awesome.  She was able to focus on getting her place cards all sorted out while I put the centerpiece vases together.

 photo 2C55599D-28E2-4412-9F8B-8437900F3A2E-3661-000003A189A7CE7C_zps3d1bf7e1.jpg
Originally, I had saved a couple of shipping boxes for
this project, but after looking at some tutorials on card
boxes, I decided to buy boxes with lids.  I cut about a yard
and a half of fabric that matched with Linda's theme.  I was
pleased that the creases on the sides flattened out when I
ironed them.  That's right, ironed right on the the box.  It
worked out really well. 

 photo B7C08D81-4570-48B2-8E14-3A8EFC429697-16918-00000F7B5A8DA9DF_zps52b49057.jpg
Using a box cutter, I traced out a hole for the cards to slip
in.  I cut out the bottom of the small box, leaving about
1/2 an inch of a boarder so that I could glue the two boxes
together. With the portion that I cut out, I traced the same
sized hole on the lid of the big box.  I then glued the two
boxes together, matching up the square holes.  I used black
binder clips to hold the two boxes together until the fabric
glue dried.

 photo 4254F54A-1A48-4C7C-8A91-9EA7F074D944-16918-00000F7B31FA72AB_zps31e1a6fc.jpg
To model the invitations that I made for Linda, I wrapped the boxes in the blue
and white cord.  We had embellished her invitations with blue and white
bakers twine so I wanted to keep with the theme.

 photo 179BDFCF-131A-4C7A-BE76-110C0A566C78-16918-00000F7B2F6AEC56_zpsa9ee0db0.jpg
I spray painted wood letters for a monogram. 

 photo 5CDC1CA0-27A9-432D-81AF-FCF713DFD6F3-16918-00000F7B2C338E37_zps3d23b3b0.jpg

 photo F1E92571-DCDE-44B7-8D55-182A7D4F7F2F-3661-000003A18D3919B6_zps354cd195.jpg
We were having a lot of difficulties finding white, rectangle vases that were tall
enough for what Linda was looking for.  I found these at Ikea and was convinced
that I could spray paint them white to give Linda the look that she wanted.
There are some imperfections if you look closely, but from afar they don't look
so bad.  I purposely painted the vases in large boxes in my parents' garage so
that dirt and dust didn't blow on them.  What happens?  A tiny spider crawls up
and decides to commit suicide right in the middle of one of the vases.  I had to
send Linda a picture because I couldn't believe it.  Thankfully, she thought it was
hilarious and I was able to scrape off the spider and paint over the spot. 

 photo 81BB3956-C961-45EE-86FE-971C6E8850DB-3661-000003A1872F011E_zpsd01ad86a.jpg

 photo 91F83BDF-49E0-4917-8E9C-EE96B9222E79-16918-00000F7AE579AA98_zpsefe19b00.jpg

 photo 9B19C1D2-BC7D-4324-BFCD-63EB6E060CC9-16918-00000F7AE285CCFB_zps58d9c477.jpg

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