Monday, June 24, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: June 21, 2013

Tonight I wanted to make an easy breakfast dinner of spam, eggs, and rice.  After Nick saw what I was making, he asked me to make him spam loco moco.  It sounded pretty tasty so we started out on what ended up being a more complex than necessary dinner for a Friday.  I try not to cook on Fridays, but since we hasn't made a dinner together all week, it wasn't too bad.

 photo null_zpsc9a85398.jpg
Step 1: Fried spam over rice

 photo null_zps5ab00347.jpg
Step 2: Mushroom gravy and macaroni salad

 photo null_zps0f7d14a2.jpg
Step 3: Sunny side up eggs and more gravy

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