Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: May 22, 2013

Christopher came over for dinner and to spend the night while my parents were gone on vacation because he had a final at 8am and was afraid that he would over sleep if he was home alone.  I've been on a fish kick, so I made us fish tacos again.  I have come to realize that wrapped in a corn tortilla, any kind of fish really isn't that bad.  Thankfully, Nick really likes fish so he hasn't been complaining.  Christopher also really enjoyed them as my Mom doesn't normally make this kind of fish.  Fish at my parents house is always Chinese-style.

 photo 56D9EF2F-5676-4278-B989-8641769CC38B-16918-00000F7B11CD1FFA_zpsee75e216.jpg

 photo 9F08123E-88DA-4652-9332-07C3A2E1C8B8-16918-00000F7B143AC63D_zpsb2aa6698.jpg

 photo 7A2DC454-E1AC-4844-91E0-4B6C3A858E9E-16918-00000F7B0EBC8783_zps0139375f.jpg

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