Friday, April 25, 2014

Silver polish

This project was nothing that amazing, but I wanted to show you the amazingness of silver polish.  I'm sure you can use any brand of silver polish, but I used Wright's Silver Cream. I bought this a while ago for the Tiffany ring that Nick got me a few years back.  I wanted to keep it looking shiny and new.  Turns out having the silver polish around was handy.  I've used it for many things.

This is how tarnished the plate was.

I had actually already started cleaning the tarnish off when I took this picture. It was much. much worse. When I bought it from the garage sale I could see a hint of detailing, but it was so dull that you could barely see anything.

There were still some little bits of tarnish that wouldn't come off no matter how much scrubbing I did.  I sprayed the front and back with a glossy clear coat to prevent tarnishing.

I made this from a brass candle stick and small dish for a friend.  I told her that she could use it for jewelry or at her new job for paper clips.   I spray painted the brass candle stick holder white.  The candle stick holder is actually upside down.  When I was trying it out for placement, the base covered up all of the pretty blue detailing.  With some ceramic glue, I attached the base of the candle stick to the silver plate and the "candle holder" portion to the China dish so that the detailing wasn't hidden.  I found these three pieces at a garage sale for $1.50 total.

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