Friday, April 25, 2014

Tonight's Dinner: April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!  Most of the day I spent picking up things off of Craigslist and fixing them up.  More of that to come on a later post.  For dinner though, we spent the evening with my parents since we spent most of the day with my inlaws they day before.  My Mom made an amazing giant ham.  She was basting every 20 minutes!  It was well worth the time (for me at least since I wasn't the head cook).  It was amazing.  I love ham.  I made a chicken dinner tonight (4/22/14), but now I want the leftover ham my Mom gave me!

For Easter dinner, Nick grilled some oysters that we brought back from Hog Island and my mother-in-law let me have the rest of her sauce that she made.  We reboiled the sauce and my parents loved it.  My Dad even said, "New tradition! You guys go to Hog Island with the Fongs for your birthday and bring us back oysters."  That works for us!  My parents don't like raw seafood much, so grilling works well for them.  For dinner my Mom also made rice pilaf and garlic green beans.

This was my only contribution to tonight's dinner.  I was in charge of making salad.  I mad a wedge salad and made the knock off of the Spaghetti Factory's creamy pesto ranch.

My Mom also made ice cream pie.  I think my Dad used the biggest knife in the drawer to cut it with.

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