Friday, November 30, 2012

Tonight's Dinner: November 26, 2012

Tonight I decided that I wanted to tackle the mall when it was least likely to be infiltrated with crazy holiday shoppers.  I succeed in getting six bottles of soap, two small candles, two mini candles, and five hand sanitizes from Bath and Body Works for $43.58.  That is a steal! I also was able to use a Body Shop Groupon that I had bought a while ago and a couple of things from JC Penny's.  I think at this juncture, my holiday shopping is nearly done.

My parents have been wanting to try Tomi, the sushi buffet that opened recently, so I called them up to see if they wanted to meet us there.  My stomach must be shrinking because I was only able to have two bowls of soup, a full plate, and a half plate of veggies.  My Dad on the other hand, had five plates.  At least he got his money's worth.  The food was okay, but it was pretty expensive at $21 a head for five people.  At least they got to experience it.  We still like Moonstar.

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This is a sampling of their cold selection. 

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I did really like their wonton noodle soup.  They make it fresh in front of you
so it's nice and hot. 

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My dad on his fourth plate.  He had a full plate of dessert

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Christopher got sushi and dessert at the same time.  Bleh.

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