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Tonight's Dinner: October 3, 2012

It was a great relaxing weekend of wine night with Bonnie, shopping at Marshall's, holiday movies, and lounging around. Bonnie came over on Friday night for a wine/pizza night and Downton Abbey marathon.  It took forever to get through the first couple episodes of Downton because we kept talking, but once we got really into the show, we were quite as mice except to have this conversation after popping our third bottle of wine:

Bonnie:  Oh!  Anna Karenina is coming out.
Me: Oh, is that a Shakespeare one?  I've never read it.
Bonnie: No, it's Tolstoy.  I love it!
Me: Leo Tolstoy?  His name is Leo, right? I've read him, but can't remember what.  What else has he written?
Me: Yeah, it's Leo. War and Peace.  Bleh.  It says that he was friends with Anton Chekhov.   He's one of my favorites. I have a book of his letters if you want to read it.
Bonnie: Was he the one who wrote the book about the guy turning into a bug?
Me: No, that was Kafka.
Bonnie: Oh yeah, that was Kafkaaaaa.
Me: Are you hearing us right now?

And this is why I love Bonnie.  We have serious drunken discussions about authors no one really cares about anymore.

On Saturday I spent most of my day lounging around and eating.  I first went to order a new dishwasher and do a little shopping at Marshall's which was next door do the appliance store.  What a mistake.  I bought a dress that I later returned and left the store with an additional $110 worth of home goods.  I should have just kept the dress. It would have saved me money. Anyway, after my first excursion to Marshall's I headed to my parent's place to have Pho.  I then spent the rest of the day on their sofa watching Hallmark Channel holiday movies and consuming salami and a bag of mustard covered pretzels.  We then had Chinese food for dinner.  So much for trying to lose weight for the holidays.  Maybe I'm conditioned to eat more when I think of the holidays and watch holiday movies.  I literally watched movies from 2pm to 12am (I continued watching from my bed).  I can safely say that I'm caught up on cheesy Christmas movies.

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Recently instead of getting the traditional rice noodles, I've been getting egg
noodles.  They seem to fill me up more and it's a nice change in texture.  Yes,
this is an extra large sized bowl that I finished with no problem.  

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For dinner I had wonton noodle soup.
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We also ordered garlic sauce mustard greens to share.
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Christopher's giant Hong Kong style combination noodle.
This thing seriously weighed at least two pounds. 
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Dad's combination chow fun.
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Mom's beef stew mein.
As I said earlier, I went back to return a dress and left the store with so much more.  I think I'm going to return a bunch of it because I feel guilty.  I'll have to make sure to just return and not look around. When I got home from my second shopping adventure it was to an unpleasant surprise.  Apparently, my downstairs neighbors don't know how to grill properly.  I had left our sliding glass windows open for Emmy since it was a warm day.  When I opened the door the apartment was full of smoke.  I immediately thought something was on fire, but then could smell the charcoal. I was able to get the smoke out with a fan, but I can still smell the charcoal scent in our apartment. 

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You would have thought your place was on fire too if you saw this much
smoke.  It only got worse after I took this picture.  

This is some of my bounty:

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Our office is obsessed with LOLcats.  I got this as part
of my Secret Santa gift. 
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I got both the vase and candle this weekend.  I'm pretty sure
that I spent at least $50 on candles.  Marshall's just had so many
great holiday scents by Yankee Candle.  I hate paying full price
for candles because you're literally burning your money away,
but these are large and last a long time.  

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I thought these were so cute that I had to get both styles.  I also got some for
my Mom to give to a hostess gift for a dinner that she was going to.  She decided
to keep  the red set for herself.  I was also able to reuse the red ribbon on two
49er print wine bags that I made a few weeks ago.  I had made the bags to use
as gifts when we go to friends houses, but hadn't bought any ribbon for the
drawstring.  The red ribbon worked out really well.
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