Thursday, January 17, 2013

Emmy Picture Post update

Lately, Emmy has been looking extra cute because her mane is in full swing from the cold.  I've found that I've been taking a lot more pictures of her lately and I know my Mom loves to see them so here they are.

 photo A3844F32-B07D-4C29-984C-7CC6481724BB-186-0000000534DD6DDA.jpg

 photo 43509758-D69B-4D97-8D79-B688C2DC5FEE-15267-00000A798EE8B1F5.jpg

 photo 1E7F6795-BD5A-4237-8566-66134D2A82B0-12392-000008961F2EC8BE.jpg
She was napping under here while Nick was home for lunch.

 photo 1265A1DD-8DBC-4585-80EC-CC9D72D9F215-3679-000006FAA40CB9CF.jpg

 photo 52445CAC-0EC1-464B-AD5C-886245032C04-3679-00000363C71043B8.jpg

 photo B745FB19-33A4-479C-B922-A1B506A1E8C6-17375-00000BEED618E224.jpg

 photo 92B20AD7-0DF8-4FE2-A1CD-DAD1D91CA149-8506-000005E49FEB04E1.jpg
I can't remember if I posted this one before, but it was Christmas Eve morning
and we were heading to my parent's place right after her bath.  It was cold out
and she was very wet so she needed her jacket.

 photo 20C62FD8-2554-423B-8220-215A317B15C9-8506-000005E460E51E69.jpg

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The Bowers! said...

I loooooooooooooooooove that face picture of her sacked out in your bed. What a cute girl.