Saturday, January 12, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: January 10, 2013

Tonight I wanted to make a quick and easy dinner because I had my first Zumba class.  I took Emmy for a fast-paced mile run to get some energy out of her and then started on pork and cauliflower over rice.  My Mom makes this pretty frequently so it's something that I wanted to perfect.  I miss home cooked Chinese food more now that I'm no longer living at home, which means that I need to learn how to do it myself.  I was surprised how similarly mine turned out to my Mom's.  I guess watching her paid off!  I was able to eat half of my dinner before Nick said that I shouldn't eat too much before bouncing around for an hour.  It was good advice as Zumba is much more aerobic than I was expecting.  I love it!

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I added spinach, which my Mom doesn't do, but I had a ton in the fridge that
needed to be used.  It was a nice touch to add color and extra vitamins.  I added
the spinach after the stove was off and let it wilt from the heat of the pork.  I've
been told that to keep the highest amount of nutrients in your vegetables that
you should not over cook them.  

Mom's Pork and Cauliflower 
1 lb pork shoulder, cut into slices
1 head cauliflower, cut in pieces
1 container extra firm tofu, sliced
1 tbsp corn starch
2 tbsp soy sauce
1 tsp EVOO
1/4 c chicken stock
3 tbsp oyster sauce
1c chicken stock (optional to make sauce) 
Combine cornstarch, soy sauce, EVOO, chicken stock and oyster sauce in a large bowl until there are no lumps.  Marinate pork in mixture for 10-15 minutes.  Over high heat, saute pork until  browned.  Add cauliflower and tofu.  Toss until fully coated.  Add more chicken stock if you desire a gravy.  Stir fry until cauliflower is desired doneness.  Serve over white rice. 

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