Friday, January 18, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: January 17, 2013

After our run to the hotel and back, the clock was ticking for me to get dinner on before I had to go to my Zumba class.  I had planned on making nachos because they are quick to make and I can easily take a small portion.  When Nick got home from work and saw me eating nachos in my workout clothes he had a good laugh.  It's probably not the healthiest thing to eat in between workouts, but at least it isn't take out. I'm really going to have to figure out quick, healthy dinners now because I decided to sign up for the Tuesday Zumba class also.  My workout plan is to do our long run on Mondays, a short run and Zumba on Tuesdays, recover Wednesdays, short run and Zumba on Thursdays, and veg Friday and the weekend.  Hopefully this will get me in shape enough to do a half marathon. I had to reevaluate my fitness goals and am now aiming for a half marathon instead of a full marathon before the wedding.  I just don't know if my joints can handle a full marathon.  After that 15k I was in a lot of pain.

 photo 9576ED57-7E61-4330-B762-95762253996F-118-00000000CF99A1E8.jpg
I really dislike cilantro in it's raw form but if it's cooked really far down I enjoy
the flavor quite a bit.  It worked well to cook with the ground chicken.

 photo 21256CD5-7BF6-411A-84A7-BE009D49981A-118-00000000D1FC98A8.jpg
I added half an onion, 2 jalapenos, baby bell pepper, and garlic to cook down.

 photo 03EC8C65-BAE7-46DC-90AF-E7A7F0F06104-118-00000000CDB4F2C1.jpg
It doesn't look like much, but it was very flavorful and quite

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