Friday, January 25, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: January 23, 2013

This week we had a couple of birthdays in the office.  Tonight I made Vanessa's favorite cupcakes, well that I make anyway, for her birthday celebration.  I also threw together a quick vegetable stirfry and salad.  Midway through the cupcake baking, Nick decided that he wanted brownies, so we made some of those also.  It is a good thing that Christopher and I signed up for a Spartan Race in August. With all this eating I'm going to be an elephant by the wedding.

 photo 08CD1059-5A98-4305-A187-52BAFE26CA6F-8329-0000056267588438.jpg

 photo AB5BF59C-EC8F-49A0-BD0E-2EC810E1B028-8329-00000562691F5644.jpg

 photo E8E82E8D-5165-436F-9AFC-93C602FCC340-8329-000005626B0BBA03.jpg

 photo 8A3B6D4F-488A-4076-BB32-DEE82B68930A-8329-00000562A284DF1B.jpg

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