Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: January 25, 2013

We haven't seen Nick's parents in a couple of weeks so his Dad wanted to get together for a family dinner.  We all headed over to Melo's Pizza, one of their favorite pizza places.  For a very long time I didn't think that his parents ever ate pizza, but I guess they do!  I had just never seen them eat it before and had forgotten that they love Melo's.  We ordered a pizza to share and then got some smaller plates.  I got their vegetarian lasagna and it was wonderful. It was super hot though and I managed to burn my tongue on the first bite and am still feeling the effects. Still, the food was very good as usual.  I hadn't gone since we went to Malaysia so it brought back good memories for me.  (We ate there before heading to the airport.)

 photo FE0B0C51-639F-49C2-97C9-833BB1419E22-3058-00000243DE950FCE.jpg

 photo FAC964BE-0963-4530-87C5-80263600DD03-3058-00000243BD9141D0.jpg
My delicious lasagna

 photo 8B33E530-5C59-437C-8E24-4B7BBE1C4E59-3058-0000024318EF5B2C.jpg

 photo 0D468E72-C6A8-4744-8570-13C2AEB2DBC6-3058-000002432F83C3FA.jpg
Chicken wings

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