Friday, January 25, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: January 22, 2013

Abby inspired me to try eating salads this week after eating a really good one at her house.  I bought mixed greens and spinach from the bulk section at Sprouts.  It is so much more cost effective at $4.99/lb.  You get so much more veg for your money especially because it's so light.  A full sized vegetable bag is less than a pound unless you really pack it in.  That's way more than the pre-packaged stuff that stores sell.

I also bought a couple of pomagranets for a topping.  One pomagranet sure produces a lot of seeds.  I put them in a tupperware and have been using them for our salads all week!  I will save the second one for next week.  To go along with our salad, I made a peppered turkey pita pocket with cous cous.  It was quite tasty and I would imagine that it is pretty good for you.  To give the cous cous some creaminess, I added Greek yogurt and pesto.

 photo 434248C1-A025-40E7-A8C3-929E74CF21E6-5649-000004623A72AC7F.jpg
I've come to the conclusion that after many years of trying to like pita bread,
I don't like it.  It is just so dry.  It also disturbs me a little that it is almost the same
color as my cork trivets in the back of picture.  That has to tell you something.

 photo 1D04F9D7-0237-443D-B7BE-2568A2507BF1-5649-000004623E4BD978.jpg
If I eat salad, I pretty much always will have olives on it. 

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