Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: January 19, 2013

Bonnie and I were very much looking forward to going to Abby's place in San Mateo.  We had planned to have our third Downton Abbey marathon at her place and have a slumber party.  We went out later in the day since Bonnie had to work.  First things first, we went shopping because Abby lives near two Ultas.  I think the nearest one to me is in Brentwood, which is pretty far to go just for makeup.  Once we got back from our mall excursion, Abby had a delicious meal planned out for us.  By the time we were done eating and talking, it was almost 9pm.  We settled down to do face masks, nails, and watch Downton.  You know, girly things.

 photo D43A0B14-CC70-40C7-8499-B6E17CB5674D-5649-000003803E8D058E.jpg
Poppy seed chicken casserole.

 photo F509A77F-698E-4452-9CF5-5D894EF01F4C-5649-000003803C73B0ED.jpg
Abby spooning on a very healthy helping of melted butter.

 photo A2B8D87F-5431-48FA-8388-8AC94870171F-5649-00000380E31C54D5.jpg
Arugula pesto gnocci.

 photo A237F544-2C7D-40D9-8AF7-C53E9DD3643B-5649-00000380DA58571C.jpg
Baked squash

 photo B67A26D1-CA2B-4E2E-97A9-C16411F9C392-5649-00000380F7D70467.jpg

 photo 409CC60D-A318-4380-ADC2-22AF412D92FB-5649-00000380DD6FBA8E.jpg
After dinner cheese plate.  Abby also had gotten a blueberry goats cheese, but
somehow I didn't get a picture of it. 

 photo IMG_8450_zps4d3dedce.jpg
We all tried masks, but I won't embarrass them by posting their pictures. 

 photo IMG_8453_zpsf030bb80.jpg

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