Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bittersweet promotion

I normally don't talk about work on my blog, but I feel the need to today because there will be a significant change in the coming weeks.  I am becoming the new supervisor at our office.  My coworker, D__, got an awesome job with Habitat for Humanity that he couldn't pass up.  I will be taking over his duties.  I am very happy for him, but very worried as well.  He keeps the office in order and the ship running, so to speak. Because of him, our CEO N__, has been able to go to more conferences to get our name out there.  With D__ leaving, I'm not sure how we are going to run things.  If I was back in the office I wouldn't be so worried, but I'm not going to move back to NY just to keep the office running.  Since my last mini promotion, I've taken on a good portion of D__'s duties to help lighten his load.  I'm confident that I can take over all of his responsibilities as far as customer support and the servers goes, but I can't do the physical stuff that he does in the office like spontaneous accounting and shipping.  He said that he will be coming in about an hour a week just to do the weekly accounting for us still so he won't be totally gone, but we'll see how this all plays out.

So this promotion is bittersweet.  N__ has no more ties in Troy, so he won't be keeping the office space that I know and love.  He will move the office down to Newark, NJ where his wife has her dream job and family is located.  Even if I wanted to go back to visit now, it just wouldn't be the same and makes me a little bit sad.  I feel like a kid who went away to college to find that her parents moved into a one bedroom apartment and I have to sleep on the couch when I come home for Spring Break.  D__ and I started a day apart from each other and have grown pretty close.  The company just won't be the same for me without him even if we only talk once a day and used instant messenger the rest of the time.  I'm just glad that I had to say my goodbyes over a year ago.  The days of countless cups of coffee, darts, rolling eyes at crazy customer calls, and Friday night beers while answering phones are long gone.  I think saying goodbye over the phone will be much easier than see him walk out that door.

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