Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Program 6 and the Power of the Tide Pen

Midweek Bonnie texted me to see if I was interested in going to the San Francisco Ballet with her.  How could I turn it down?  Free tickets and some quality girl time.  According to their website calendar, we saw Program 6, but the actual ballets that we saw were different than what was listed.  The show was formated so that there were three separate performances.  Each performance had its own story.  Our showing consisted of Petrouchka, Underskin, and Number Nine.   I fell asleep for Petrouchka, which was more of a classic ballet with a storyline.  I hadn't slept well the night before and the comfy chairs, dimmed lights, and pretty music lulled me into a slumber.  The seats that we had were in the back row of the lower tier so at least no one could see my head bobbling.  Well I don't think anyone did.  I was worried that my head would fall off my hand and I'd whack Bonnie in the shoulder.   During intermission we went to get some wine and walk around, which helped me perk up.  I was able to stay awake for Underskin and Number Nine.  I really enjoyed both.  Underskin reminded me a lot of the modern dance that I did in college, but executed a thousand times better.  I have to say that it was my favorite of the three.  Bonnie really liked Number Nine, which was making its world premier that week.  We were one of the first to see it!  I thought that Number Nine was very well rehearsed and nice a fast paced to keep you interested, but still preferred the eeriness of Underskin.

At the second intermission between Underskin and Number Nine Bonnie and I went back out to get another round of beverages.  As we were walking to the tables Bonnie spilled her red wine onto her khaki-colored jacket.  I quickly whipped out my Tide Pen for her to treat it.  Her coat was a peacoat style so she was able to switch the flaps to hide the stain.  After the ballet was said and done, we headed back to our neck of the woods to have dinner with Nick at one of our current favorites, Postino.  I figured after dragging Bonnie to Pho, which she didn't enjoy much, I would take her to somewhere that I knew she would like.  And she did!  So we met up with Nick at the restaurant after we got off of BART and started telling him about her wine mishap.  She went to show him the stain and it was gone!  There were maybe one or two small, very faint purple spots, but the rest had been removed.  I love the Tide Pen, but I didn't know it was powerful enough to remove red wine stains!  Everyone has to get one of these!

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