Friday, April 08, 2011

Urban Decay Naked Palette: Followup

After using the Naked Palette for a couple of weeks now, I can see what all the hype is about.  It is a darn good product for the price you pay.  Since I work from home and don't leave the house that much, I've only used it a handful of times, but every time is a wonderful experience.  I can create so many different looks geared towards the event that I'm going to.  I have found that my favorite color is still Sidecar, but that I also turn to Darkhorse all the time to smoke out the outer corner.  I'm afraid that I will run out of these two colors before the rest of them are used!  I better start using the other colors more too!

Makeupgeek's swatch again for reference.

Like I say in every post when I talk about shimmer, I love it but know that you shouldn't wear it all the time.  I just can't help it.  Sidecar is so shimmery and pretty!  There are some pretty visible flecks of glitter in it, but you can't feel them at all which makes it blend easily. I like adding Darkhorse to it because it adds a sheen, but is not gung-ho shimmer.  If it is a daytime look I will also add Buck in the crease to matteify the shimmer. 

This is a great palette for getting things done quickly.  At first it took me a long time to get a look that I liked, but now I can complete an eye look in about five minutes.  Over the weekend I was getting ready to go to a memorial service when my mom said that my uncle told an aunt who told her (confusing, I know) that it started at 10:00am.  It was 9:20am and I was just sitting down to put on my makeup.  My initial reaction was, "What!  I thought it started at 10:30!"  Knowing that the chapel was about 30 minutes away and that I ALWAYS get lost, I started to slap on my makeup.  Because of the Naked Palette I was able to finish my look without having to pull out a bunch of different eye shadows and brushes.  I was able to complete the look and get to the church on time without breaking the speed limit.  

I know that I complained a lot about the 24/7 dual end liner being replaced by the brush, but it may have been a smart change.  I will discuss the liner in a later post.  I like how soft the brush is and how well it holds its shape. I have washed it several times now and it hasn't fluffed out or lost its pointedness.  The synthetic bristles don't have any fall out at all, unlike my Sonia Kashuk set that I swear will be bald by the time Christmas rolls around.  Because it is nice and thin at the tip of the brush I can get right into the outer corner of my eye and have a lot a lot control on how much product I apply.  It is not the best for blending, but it's not exactly the right type of brush for that job.  It is great for packing on the color and even applying the darker shades as a liner.  I really like this brush, but I still wouldn't pay $26.00 for it.  

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