Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sinful Colors: I Love You

Generally I really dislike this brand because it is cheap and looks cheap, but this color is actually really pretty.  The formula, in my opinion, still stinks.  It is streaky and sheer so that I needed a good four coats to get a nice opaque quality like the bottle, but it paid off.  I was undecided on stamping today, but after testing the stamp on a piece of paper I decided to go for it.  With my new "stamp once" attitude, it makes stamping so much easier.  Before, I would do the nail over and over until it was perfect.  It would take me hours.  Now it only takes me about 10 minutes to do both hands.  So they're not perfect, but didn't take me three hours and half a bottle of nail polish remover to do.  Chances are that I will go back tomorrow and fix the nails that really bother me like I did last week with the blue polish.  Heheh.

This was the sample I tested to see how the stamp would look
before taking the time to do my nails.  I kind of wish
that I had left it plain purple for at least a day.
The purple sparkle is so pretty.


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