Friday, April 22, 2011

Silver Cleaning

My mom has always used a jewelry cleaner for her wedding ring.  I've tried it several times on my silver ring from Nick, but it just doesn't shine like it used to.  Maybe I need to upgrade to a platinum diamond solitaire.  *wink wink*  I didn't want to take my ring back to Tiffany's and chance that they charge me for a polishing and fight traffic, so I bought my own tub of silver polish.  Oh it did wonders!  After I cleaned my ring it was so bright!

To show you how great of a job the polish does I took an old heart pendant that my Auntie SuAnn gave me for Christmas when I was in high school.  I loved wearing it, but it got really tarnished.  When I used the silver polish it came back to life! For $6.48 on Amazon, the tub will probably last me for the rest of my life and saves me from having to fight traffic and parking.

Note the dull gray edge/outline of the heart.
It literally looks like there is a halo now.

$6.48 on

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