Thursday, April 07, 2011

Target Daily Deal- Today only!

Hello fellow makeup lovers.  I just heard about Target's Daily Deals few days ago and checked it out today.  There is a big ELF palette called Mini Makeup Collection for only $8 (reg. $15.00) with free shipping!  The deal only lasts for today only so get them while they're hot!  As you know, I love ELF products so this is a great find.  It looks like there are eight shadows, two cream shadows/bases, eight lip glosses, bronzer, two blushes, eyeliner and some sponge tip applicators and brushes.  This would be great for an Easter basket if you have teenage girls.  I think it is too complex for little girls, but at this price it would wow them and they would be able to play with some makeup while not breaking the bank.  (I wasn't allowed to wear makeup until I was 15.)  The reviews say that this is great to carry with you.  Though it looks pretty big to me, this looks like a great travel set and the mirror is huge!  How often do you see such a big mirror in a compact?  I love that ELF always provides substantial mirrors for application.  I would jump on this before it runs out or the deal expires.  I think I will be getting one for myself.  Snatch them up!

Addendum:  I just got mine for $8.73 after tax.  I don't think that I will use the lip color much, but you never know!  I've heard some spectacular things about ELF's lip products.  Just getting the rest of the stuff is a major deal if I don't like the lip color.  The bronzer/blush combo is usually $3.00 and each eyeshadow palette runs at $1.00 each.  The tiny blush in there also is usually $1.00.  Since I don't use lip color, as I just said, I don't really know the lip color prices, but I'm assuming that they run around $1.00 too.

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