Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Consentino Wine at Grocery Outlet

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the wine prices.  Mrs. Ryan had told us that Consentino Wine was selling at Grocery Outlet, but I didn't realize they would be so inexpensive.  If you recall, some time ago, Nick and I went with some friends up to the winery when Mrs. Ryan was working as a pourer to do some tasting.  Since then, the winery filed for chapter 11, but is now back.  From what I understand, they have a new wine maker.  I have a feeling that they are trying to phase out all of the wine from the old wine maker so they put them up for sale at Grocery Outlet.  (I have never seen Consentino wine at a store before.)  Being that this is a pretty nice winery, my mom and I were really surprised when Mrs. Ryan said that she saw the Ol' Red, THE Chard, and Sauv Blanc at Grocery Outlet on Friday night.  The Ol' Red is the only one of the "THE Series" wines to still be on their website...the other two must have been axed.  There is also a change in price.  I believe that the Ol' Red was being sold around $22.00 a bottle, but is now only $15.00 on their website.  Mrs. Ryan didn't have to tell me twice to go check out the wine.  I was at Grocery Outlet bright and early on Saturday before Bonnie came to get me for our manicures.  My eyes nearly popped out of my head.  The bottles were being sold for $3.99!  On top of that already amazing price, the store was having a 20% off their wine stock.  You just can't beat $3.19 a bottle.  So I bought myself a case of the Ol' Red, my mom a case of THE Chard, two Sauv Blancs, and a Petit Sirah from Bad Dog Ranch that I thought had a cute title and label all for $3.19 a bottle.

But wait!  I got an even better "deal".  My mom and I like to say that I got a few bottles of complementary wine because I bought so many, but really it was because the people at the checkstand were careless and I didn't realize until I was almost home.  Because I got the two cases, Ol' Red and THE Chard, they were came in plain white boxes with the labels on them.  The gal who was helping me in the wine section told me to take up a single bottle of each so that the checker could scan it without having to break open my cases.  So I piled my Sauv Blancs and Petit Sirah on the belt with the single bottles of Ol' Red and THE Chard.  The girl scanned my two single bottles, put them down, and manually entered how many bottles were in the boxes.  Meanwhile a guy came up to bag my bottles and put the two singles into bags.  It wasn't until I was at the checkstand at Food Maxx across town that I suspected that the kid had put the two singles into my bags with the Sauv Blancs and Petit Sirah. (I didn't remember seeing her set aside the two singles.)  Wanting to know if this is really what happened, I raced home to check my trunk to see if he really did bag them up and to look at my receipt.  To my surprise, not only did he add the two single bottles, but the gal who rang me up entered 12 bottles for one case and 11 bottles for another so I got three bottles for free!  Woo hoo!  The right thing to do would have been to drive back to Grocery Outlet to tell them, but I chose to do the wrong thing and keep them for myself.

After Bonnie and I finished our nails we promptly came back to my house for some nice, complimentary wine.  On Sunday afternoon we went back to Grocery Outlet together and I bought the last two cases of Ol' Red that were out on the floor and she bought a couple of singles.  I figured that if they really are phasing out the old Ol' Red recipe that I better get it before it's gone!

Bonnie also spotted some ELF makeup while we were there, but that's for another post.  Until then, happy drinking!


Lily said...

You just made me crave some wine =) And yay to your complimentary bottles!

Updates on Allison said...


If you can get your hands on a bottle of Ol' Red I highly suggest it! I love this stuff.

Thanks for reading,


Lily said...

I'll keep an eye out for it. Thanks!