Wednesday, April 13, 2011

To Keep or not to Keep?

That is the question.  Bonnie had told me that she got some Stila eye products from Costco.  First of all, I didn't know that Costco sold makeup.  Second, who knew they'd sell high end brands?  I saw Shiseido and Lancome there as well, amongst some Cover Girl and other brands I didn't recognize.  I was rushing around the store yesterday to get some fish and veggies for our upcoming dinners when I decided to pop into the makeup section.  I found it right across from all the lotions and shampoos.  I guess I had always just been looking at the wrong side of the aisle.  ...Though that may be a good thing.


Now I'm torn about keeping this set.  It was only $12.97 for three Stila products.  I checked into the prices at Sephora and Amazon and this is how it all comes out if you buy them individually.

  • Kajal Eyeliner in Onyx: $18.00
  • major MAJOR lash mascara: $22.00
  • Starlight eye shadow pan: $18.00
  • Storm eye shadow pan: $14.99

I'd say I'm getting a pretty good deal here, but as Nick likes to tell me, there will always be deals.  The reason I'm on the fence about keeping this set is because I have a big order of Jane Cosmetics coming in today and also that ELF palette from the Target Daily Deals coming this week as well.  I'm taking my computer in for some maintenance on Friday and plan to hit Sephora and get another Urban Decay 24/7 liner, which I have yet to post about but will eventually.  As you can see, not only have I been accumulating a lot of cosmetics for the last few months, but just this week I expect two large orders to come in.

The main reason I wanted this set was for the eyeliner and mascara.  Since I really like the Urban Decay liner ($18) I wanted to try the Stila one that is significantly less expensive with this set.  I figured that if I like the liner and mascara I could just continue to purchase this set and give away all the doubles of eyeshadow I get.  I think that the Starlight shadow is pretty, but it looks very much like many of the colors I already have.  The same goes for the Storm, but I tend not to wear that dark of shades.  Also, my preference is to have a middle color shadow to balance out the light and dark, which clearly this does not come with.  So I'm not loving the shadows, but I really want to try the mascara and liner.

What do you think?  My mom told me that I should just keep it because I was hemming and hawing about it so much that I would end up thinking about it all the time if I returned it.  I think she may be right, but I'm going to leave it unopened until I get my Jane products in the mail today.  Thoughts?

Addendum:  I put up a poll in the sidebar.  Let me know what you think!

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