Friday, April 29, 2011

Silly Doggy

A few weekends ago Nick and his friends got together for a softball practice.  I had brought Emmy along so that she to exposed her to people being loud and running erratically.  She's never been great with sporting events, but she did really well.  She would get visibly frustrated when the softball hit the fence she couldn't catch it.  I swear she was looking at Nick like, step aside,  I'll make sure to catch those for you.  She did get some bonus frisbee time in at the end of practice though, which impressed everyone there.  That's my girl!

I made sure to bring her treat bag and clickers in case there were any trying moments.  A friend of ours brought her two little nephews.  Emmy has never been that much of a "children" dog, like her mommy, but I wanted her to meet them.  She gently ate the treats out of the little boy's hand like a doll.  That was that and I put the treats away.

When we got home I dumped all of our stuff on the laundry room floor because it was covered in gritty sand from the baseball field, gave Emmy a quick bath because she was covered also, and took a shower before heading out with friends.  The next day when I went to wash all the dirty stuff, I realized that her treat bag was missing.  I was pretty bummed because it was $10 and not that old.  I figured that it had fallen out of Emmy's bag (yes, she has her own bag) when we were leaving.

Yesterday I was dusting the living room and saw something red stuffed in the corner where the two sets of curtains meet.  At first I thought it was a fake poinsettia flower that we missed when putting away our Christmas decorations.  When I bent down to pick it up, it was her bag!  She must have taken it out of her travel bag and hidden it for future gorging.  It has been missing for weeks!  I'm glad that I didn't immediately order another bag.  I'm pretty sure that she forgot that she put it there, but the next time something of hers goes missing I'm going to have to scope out her hiding spots!


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