Thursday, February 17, 2011

Essie: Sand Tropez-Followup

I know what you're going to say Sand Tropez again?  But really, take a look at these pictures.  I painted my nails last Friday.  The only wear that I can tell is at the cuticles where you can see my nails growing. It's incredible.  By now usually my polish has started chipping or at least showing signs of wear at the tips from typing and cooking.  Now I know why the polish was $8.50 a bottle.  I would definitely buy Essie again just for the sheer fact that it stays on so long!  If I wasn't purposely trying to grow my nails out so I can try my new French Tip stamper I would leave this on until it does start chipping, but I want a fresh look for our Valentine's weekend.


(The little knick in my index finger nail is from getting myself with my knife a few weeks back.)

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