Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Essie: Sand Tropez

Sand Tropez
Yesterday I was at CVS getting a longer telephone cable for my new work phone and I got a promotional $1 off coupon for an Essie nail polish. I have heard many great things about this polish, but have been to cheap to purchase it.  CVS was selling it for $8.50 a bottle, though I have found that my CVS is a dollar more expensive than the one a couple of miles away.  The Essie website sells their polishes for $8, so maybe other CVS' will sell it for that price as well.  I figured since I had the coupon I should get it.  That's how they get you, but it was only a matter of time before I tried out the brand so it was worth it.  I also had gotten a $5 CVS bucks sometime last week so I applied that towards my nail polish.  Essie has a pretty small line of colors out in the stores now, but maybe the will expand.  I tried to get a color that I don't already have.  I have so many shades of pink and purple I figured that a beige would be something different.  I walked out of the store with the polish for only $2.50!  I have yet to try it out, but the formula looks good.  It's a light color, but the polish isn't extremely thin so I'm hoping that it won't be very streaky.  I have found that a lot of nudes and beiges are streaky because of their light pigmentation and formula.  It's a pain, really.  I will let you know when I try it.

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