Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Sharks vs. Coyotes Game

Alex Stalock
NHL Debut 
Last night Nick and I went to the Sharks vs. Coyotes game.  It started out terribly.  They had horrid puck handling and looked like they had no drive.  The puck was going all over the place and the Coyotes were working them.  They were in Niemi's zone most of the time and scored three goals before the Sharks got it together.  McLellan actually pulled Niemi after the third goal and put in a new pick from the AHL, Stalock.  It was that bleek.  It looked like child's play for the Coyotes.  The Sharks were playing so horribly that I wasn't even getting that riled up, which is very unlike me.  I also had something in my eye so that contributed to my general poor disposition during the first period.  Something in eye + terrible puck handling = unhappy fan.  The best thing was our dinner.  Linda had suggested that we go to Poor House Bistro to pick up food.  It was really yummy and super convenient.  They were charging $15 for parking (better than the $20 we paid the first game we went to) so all we had to do was park, pick up our food and walk a block to the arena.

I thought our seats were better this time, but Nick didn't like them much.  We were much closer to center ice so there were more people and it was claustrophobic feeling.  The last time we sat in the bowl area so there were fewer people.  By the end of the second period the Sharks had finally scored.  I still didn't think that they looked good and almost suggested going home.  It's a good thing I didn't.  I don't know what McLellan said to them in that locker room during the second period break, but they came out looking like a whole new team.  It was really exciting.  In a span of 20 hockey minutes they scored four goals for the win!  We were bouncing around and super pumped on our way home.  I've never seen a comeback so great before.  Now if only Cal would take a lesson on comebacks.

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