Friday, February 11, 2011

Essie: Sand Tropez

I have to say, that I'm in love with this color.  It's not really a nude, but more of a light taupe.  A lot of times a color like this will be streaky because of the light pigmentation (from my experience).  I found that the formula wasn't that bad, but I did have to put three coats on to get this to be more opaque.  If you were to put one coat on it would look nice, but you can definitely see through to your nail and if you didn't apply it evenly you would see where the brush layered up the color.  The brush itself is a standard skinny nail polish brush.  I know that a couple of the Sally Hansen lines has been experimenting with thicker brushes so I was hoping that this brand would have too since it is in the same price range.  Personally, I prefer the wider brush because it coats my nails with one stroke and I don't have to keep dipping back in the bottle as frequently.  I managed to get this bottle for $2.50 with coupons, but my CVS was selling it regularly for $8.50.  I would be interested in purchasing another bottle of this in a darker color to further test out the formula, but I would have to be really in love with the color and not already own one similar before I purchase it due to the price.  Since I've been trying more and more high-end drug store brands lately, I might finally take the plunge and try a light colored OPI polish to see if it can be applied evenly in two coats (my standard for any color).


No flash

Note:  These pics make the polish look a little peachy due to the lighting.  The color actually looks very similar to the background of my blog. 

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Sergei said...

Pretty color.