Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Everyone is beautiful at the ballet

I had a good time at the ballet.  The ending was sad and my feet were killing me, but over all I had a good time.  I met up at Mrs. Minnich's house for some appetizers and wine first.  (Mrs. Minnich is the lady who was scheming to set me up with Nick at Jenelle's wedding.)  So we ate and had wine before heading to BART and the city.  This was the first time that I had been to the Opera House.  Usually when I go see shows it is at the Orpheum so this was a nice change.  I really enjoyed the building.  We were able to go out on the balcony and take a couple of pictures and look down at the street.  I will have to have Jenelle send those to me so that I can post them.

The ballet itself was pretty.  Lots of flowy, pretty costumes twirling around.  I don't know how their toes don't break off bouncing around like that.  There were some slow points where I felt my eyes drooping, but the play seemed to go by really quickly.  The first act went by especially quickly.  It felt like only 20 minutes but it was really an hour.  The second half seemed much longer, but that could have been because I was getting really hungry and my feet were swelling from sitting so long.  Oh the BART ride home was killer, but at least my shoes were cute.  Jenelle's friend also wore heels so we were suffering together.  My feet aren't used to wearing heels all the time anymore.

Overall, it was a good time.  I don't think I would go on my own to see another ballet or make Nick go with me though.  If the Minnich's and their friends went again and they invited me I would consider it, but as for now, I'm happy with my first experience.

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