Monday, February 28, 2011

Zoya: Sabrina

On days like today when I have a lot of calls to followup on, doing my nails while on the phone is mandatory for my sanity.  My customers like to babble so it allows me plenty of time to paint and wait for my nails to dry.  This week I used Zoya's Sabrina with Konad's Black for the stars.  This color looks very similar to what I've been searching for to duplicate OPI's Bubble Bath that Giada De Laurentiis always wears.  The problem with this nail polish though is that it is so sheer that to get this pigmentation I needed four coats.  Four coats!  So far I don't enjoy the Zoya nail polish formula because it is thin, but I did like that it didn't get streaky like a lot of lightly pigmented polishes get without a base coat.


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