Monday, October 22, 2012

Tonight's Dinner: October 20, 2012

Today was actually our three year anniversary, but we chose to invite friends over to watch the miserable Cal game instead of doing something special.  Originally, Nick was supposed to work a wedding, but his gout had flared up during the week and he was hobbling around like an old man.  Our friend had come to pick up camera gear since he wasn't going to be her assistant and yelled, "your toe is a whole different color than your foot!" and cackled while pointing.  That's how you know they're good friends, they laugh at your pain.  Well, that's part of my definition anyway. Schadenfreude.

I wasn't sure how many people we were going to have over since we invited everyone very last minute and Nick's friends have a knack of just showing up later in the day.  We knew that Rob and Linda were coming for sure so I was sure to get mimosa supplies.  I also got a ton of chicken strips from Safeway.  Five pounds to be exact.  It turns out that five pounds of chicken strips is A LOT of chicken strips. I had gotten Christopher half a pound last weekend and he said that there were only three strips.  So I figured with that few strips I better get a lot and a lot is what I received.  It came out in two trays.  While they were making my order of strips, I also had piled in two twelve packs of beer, two bottles of champagne, orange juice, frozen buffalo chicken wings, frozen meatballs, and two kinds of chips into my cart.  Yeah, I went a little overboard on the food.  To top it off, Rob and Linda brought over another twelve pack when they came.  I'm having a Halloween dinner this weekend so all the beer will come in handy.  Luckily, we managed to get the chicken wings and meatballs into the freezer.  I plan to use the chicken wings as "bat wings" and the meatballs as "zombie eyes" so that also worked out pretty well.

Around 4pm I hit the sack for a mimosa-induced hangover nap.  You have to love midday hangovers.  When I woke up I found out that Rob and Linda had run over to Target to get hair clippers, Nick had played video games, Rob and Linda came back, Rob and Nick walked Emmy, and Linda was down for a nap.  We watched a couple hours of Bar Rescue, which is an abnormally addicting show, before heading to Black Bear for a late dinner.

My steak and mushroom scramble.  I was pretty surprised that the steak was
actually very tender.   No, I did not finish this.

Nick had been craving pancakes all day, which is why we ended up at Black
Bear at 9pm. 

Linda got one of their monthly specials of pot roast stroganoff.

Rob got their other monthly special of a pot roast omelet. 

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